XBlog for Sitecore 9

XBlog for Sitecore 9 has been updated and released here – https://marketplace.sitecore.net/en/Modules/X/XBlog.aspx .  You can download the source code here –  https://github.com/XCentium/XBlog .   Make sure to select the Sitecore 9 folder as the old version was left in place for legacy use.

There was some minor fixes made.  Buckets were updated to handle the folders based on the publish date better.  Along the way this functionality was lost.  Some configuration updates were made including support for SOLR indexes.  Lucene indexes are now turned off by default, but present if needed.  Also removal of a bunch of custom bucket configurations that was implemented to the solution prior to buckets being fully realized in the Sitecore platform.

The biggest change in this release was a move to a Helix structure.  This will allow you to download source and implement the project as part of your Helix architecture.  I had the opportunity to implement this in a recent project and will share my experiences in a later blog.

XBlog has been a fun tool to develop and support over the years.  I have appreciated all the feedback from the community.  If you have any comments on things you would like to see improved upon, bugs, or fixes to bugs, the best way to get a hold of me is twitter.  Please follow me and send a message –  https://twitter.com/MalmquistZac .

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