Northern Minnesota is a place of beauty.  But it’s not for everyone.  In fact most just visit in the summer months.  80 degree summers and -30 degree winter nights.  Pockets of civilization scatter among vast forests and lakes.  But for those who are native to the area, there is no place like it.

Zac grew up in the area.  He lived 20 miles out from the nearest town.  Deer and bear were a common sight.  The bus ride into school was over an hour long.

After college Zac came to the realization that even though Northern Minnesota was his home and an all around great place to live, there was absolutely no tech jobs.  Everything was centralized around the Twin Cities.  So he moved to where the jobs were.

Ten years ago Zac started a new job with a requirement to learn Sitecore.  He fell in love with it.  After years of countless CMS tools, including a couple home grown, he had come across something that did the task of managing content very well but also the framework left wide open for customization.  In the tech world he was finally home.

Alongside his passion for Sitecore he continued to take jobs that employed people world wide while working from home.  The dream had been realized.  After leading many successful implementations in Sitecore he felt this was an industry that wasn’t going away anytime soon.

Zac moved his family back to Northern Minnesota.  He now enjoys all that his childhood had to offer while staying very much connected to technology.  He looks forward to another decade with Sitecore and another decade of living on the lake.