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XBlog for Sitecore 9

XBlog for Sitecore 9 has been updated and released here - .  You can download the source code here - .   Make sure to select the Sitecore 9 folder as the old version was left in place for legacy use. There was some minor fixes made.  Buckets were updated to handle the folders based on the … Continue reading XBlog for Sitecore 9

XBlog 8.2 Patch

Akshay Sura recently installed XBlog and found a problem on Sitecore 8.2 Update 5.  He found that the database type had changed from Sitecore.Data.Database to Sitecore.Data.DefaultDatabase .  I dug through the older versions and found that this was present in all Sitecore 8.2 Updates. To manually fix this problem please navigate to App_Config/Include/XBlog.Sitecore.Buckets.config .  There … Continue reading XBlog 8.2 Patch

XBlog Renderings

It has been a while since I have done an XBlog post.  If you are not familiar with the tool,  XBlog is a blogging module for Sitecore.  This is something that I co-authored a couple years back and continue to maintain.  You can find on the marketplace at: . XBlog was developed with the mindset that … Continue reading XBlog Renderings