Azure search and multilist guid fields

I recently went down the path of learning about Azure Search.  One of the requirements of this project is to be able to search on categories the item might have.  I had originally tackled this problem years ago with Lucene and SOLR inside XBlog.  When dealing with a multilist field of guids you search predicate simply needs to be:   (item => item[“some field”].Contains(myCategoryItem.ID.tostring()) .

But to my surprise, this doesn’t work with azure search.  To add further to the gloom and doom, I found in official Sitecore documentation that this is not suppose to work at all:  .

Specifically this information here:


You must not apply queries such as StartsWith, Contains to fields with of type EDM.String that contain paths (such as /sitecore/content/home) or collections of GUIDs. This is because Azure Search matches regular expression searches to single words.”


Well being the stubborn old programmer that I am, this did not sit well.  I don’t like being told I can’t do something, so I dug deeper to find a solution around this.  First I dug into the Azure search api on the portal site to see exactly how values of my multilist field were being stored, and this what I found:


“category_sm”: [





Turns out when Azure stores a mutilist field of guids, they are stored as separate values and all the special characters are removed from the guid.

So the next step was to find a way to actually search on this.  So I started down the path of some rather rough code.  Just removing all the extra stuff that could cause problems.  To my surprise, the answer was very simple:


string id = categoryIncludeItem.ID.ToString();

id = id.Replace(“{“, “”);

id = id.Replace(“}”, “”);

id = id.Replace(“-“, “”);

categoryIncludePredicate = categoryIncludePredicate.And(item => item[“category_sm”].Contains(id.ToLower()));



There seems to be a few unsolved questions in the community around this, so I hope this helps someone out there also struggling with this concept.  I have yet to vet this more, with more complex search queries, but it appears that basic queries at least work.

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