Enabling Sitecore IP Geolocation in 8.1 +

It is extremely simple!  But I did find out a couple little red tape scenarios along the way.

In the past you had to work directly with Maxmind to purchase lookups, then install a package on the Sitecore side to get everything running together.  Now it is as simple as clicking a button.  Kudos to Sitecore for streamlining this process.

First and foremost direct your attention to the official documentation:  Setting up Sitecore IP Geolocation .  This will get you most of the way.  Here are a couple tips to get you the rest of the way.

  1. Dust off Internet Explorer –  If you are reading this and are a developer you are probably giving me a dirty look right now.  But if you have never been to the App Center, then you will learn shortly that it requires Silverlight to function.  I have tried other browsers here in varying degrees of success, but Silverlight just seems to install / function best when working with Internet Explorer.  So save yourself the headache and just run with IE in this scenario.
  2. License is key – Sitecore binds subscription to its license.  So if you are in a scenario where you are using a partner developer license with a client, you will either need to install the client license or enable this on a higher environment.  This is also an important thing to consider if you have a need to develop geolocation features in development.
  3. Who you login as is important – I doubt your own personal SDN account will give you the permissions to enable this.  In fact you will more than likely get an error message stating just this if you try (yes I did try).  Instead you will need to find out who has purchase authorization and use their account.


Beyond these small bumps I found along the way, its a pretty straight forward approach.  You enable it,  select your lookup levels, and enjoy.  And of course, if you get stuck along the way, don’t be afraid to reach out to Sitecore Support.  They always do a great job with answering your questions to keep the ball moving!

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